Have a Mindful New Year

New Year’s Eve is traditionally a time for partying hard and fireworks, but it also gives us the opportunity to relax and return to a more mindful state in anticipation of a new orbit around the sun…

Looking back on the year, I’ve got to admit I’ve been through a lot of mindless times. Completing my final year exams is now a blurred memory of stress and information overload; my first job since then also put me on an emotional rollercoaster that left me reeling. But out of these fires has come amazing events and opportunities: my graduation day, my new job in the heart of London, and an opportunity to cherish my family even more during the brief Christmas period as I returned home, a ‘true adult’ now. And alongside those, I also have the pleasure of reflecting on the constant pillars of support in my life: family, friends, my boyfriend Ash, the healthy living community, yoga and exercise.

It’s on this day, celebrating the year gone by and the prospect of a new one with my loved ones that I’m mindful and thankful of everything that has happened this year, and I thank you to you for joining me on this journey too.

I hope that you’re also feeling this beautifully light contented feeling as you read this and reflect on the amazing things that have happened this year in your life, and that you’re motivated to deepen this through more conscious living, supporting sustainable enterprise, indulging in natural beauty, and cooking up delicious wholefoods. I look forward to starting the year with Yoga with Adriene’s Yoga Camp, rising to the challenge of a new job, and practicing meditation. But even the simplest intention (I think that’s a much more positive way of looking at a resolution) can bring the same pleasure, such as sleeping a full eight hours most nights, focusing on your meals as your eat rather than a screen, or composting your food waste. Whatever it may be, enjoy the moments when you set around to practicing and mastering your intention, rather than feeling guilty about the moments you don’t.

Wishing you a beautiful 2016.



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