Ombar: Guilt-free Chocolate

If there’s anything I’ve learnt since starting my mindful eating journey, it’s to listen to my body, and with that I’ve learnt that chocolate totally wrecks with my skin. Luckily enough, there is a pretty darn wonderful alternative, made with 100% organic raw cacao too…

My love/hate relationship with chocolate is pretty simple – I love the taste, but I hate the way it makes my skin so damn oily! Gross! If I eat more than two chunks, I’ll wake up the next day greasy and spotty – no matter what. However, if you’re like me and can’t cut it out completely (and believe me, I’ve tried), there are some really great alternatives available – Ombar being one of the best. It truly is a moment of enlightened bliss to eat!

One of the things that has been missing for me when it comes to raw chocolate is that ‘melt in the mouth’ sensation, and I’ve got to say that Ombar has nailed it with their Coco Mylk bar*. This one was by far my favourite, as it tasted so close to milk chocolate without the dairy. Oh, did I mention the whole range is vegan?

Other flavours I’ve tried include Cranberry & Mandarin* (my second favourite – think chocolate orange but more ‘real’ tasting), Goji Berry*, and 72% Raw Cacao*. Even if you’re a dark chocolate fan, raw chocolate is definitely a step up, with the same creamy taste but no heat involved in production, locking in a little extra nutrients despite them being sweet treats!

I think the other cool addition to these is the inclusion of ‘friendly bacteria’ – I’m a big believer in kombucha and its health benefits (it clears up UTIs like nobody’s business) – so to have this alongside lesser refined sugars (Ombar uses unrefined coconut sugars as well as fruit to flavour their chocolate) and the fact that’s its raw is a really big plus.

And as it’s a Friday, I’ve got to say, treat yourself! Mindful eating is not about restrictions – it’s all about enjoying the taste of your food alongside its health benefits, and Ombar certainly brings those two things together. So if you’re going to grab chocolate this weekend, try giving raw chocolate a go – I promise your body will thank you for it.


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