Organic Tunisian Camel Milk Soap

Beautiful and ethical ideas can strike just about anywhere, and when it comes to the realm of green beauty, it doesn’t get more natural than traditional organic soap from socially conscious The Online Medina in Tunisia.

This unscented organic camel milk soap* is one of the more exotic natural beauty items that has made its way to me so far, but I am actually really happy to be featuring it. Camel milk not only makes for a creamy, replenishing washing experience, but it supports the local community who make the soaps and rear the camels themselves.

The Online Media is a socially conscious organisation started around the versatility of traditional North African towels called foutas, and has branched into other traditional items, such as argan oil, and harissa paste. When it comes to natural beauty, they really are purists – their soap contains five plant-based oils (olive, coconut, sweet almond, castor, argan), cacao butter, and camel milk. Yes, that’s really it – and it shows just how possible it is to create beauty products without harmful ingredients.

In terms of my trial with the soap bar – well, I’ve been impressed from start to finish to be honest! I received my soap in a box made entirely from recycled materials – which I too recycled – and hung my soap up on the door knob of my shower, ready for washing. You may have read, but I really like to clean my body with soap rather than shower gel, as I dislike the strange greasy residue that gels leave on my skin. This soap is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin; it smells faintly of the fatty camel milk within it, and makes a nice soft lather that doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils, in fact replenishing them through the five plant-based oils it contains. In fact, if you’re looking for a more familiar scented soap, they also make camel milk soaps with essential oils.

It’s also great to note that camel milk is rich in proteins with antimicrobial qualities, caring for skin while gently cleaning too. As noted by Katya, the lovely founder of The Online Medina, the soap does melt away quite easily hence its rope – you can hang it quick easily to dry out and preserve between washes.

However, the most impressive element about this soap is the fact that it genuinely does relieve minor skin conditions, or at least it has helped me get rid of a small patch of blocked pores on my arm, which I’ve had for quite a while. While I can’t comment on its effectiveness to treat psoriasis, acne, or eczema, I do think it’s worth giving it a try if you’re looking for a natural alternative to chemical soaps and creams!


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