How Healthy is Sparkling Water?

Before moving to Paris, I really didn’t understand the sparkling water craze. After a year of sharing carafes of the stuff, and even sampling the local sparkling water fountain, I love it – I still drink it now I’m back in the UK, and make some delicious drinks with it too!

When I was really young, I remember going to a sleepover, and sneaking downstairs to the kitchen with a friend to drink what we thought was lemonade in the fridge – the shock I had when it was fizzy salty water! I spat it out in the sink and learnt my lesson the hard way! Now however, I’m a fan of those fizzy little bubbles and distinct aftertaste, but I’ve come to question just how healthy sparkling water is.
Pure sparkling water is simply a mixture of drinking water and carbon dioxide, created by dissolving the gas into the liquid. To keep it this pure, I’ve been using a SodaStream*, which does exactly that with the press of a button. In this set up, sparkling water is actually just as hydrating as drinking water, with no nasty surprises involved – a number of shop-bought alternatives actually contain sweeteners or artificially added extras, something I didn’t know about for a long time.
In fact, sparkling water has been my little treat for a while now, as it’s given me the ability to make healthy drinks that still have that satisfying fizz without the unknown additives and spoonfuls of sugar that come in cans and bottles. On the sustainability side of things, this is also a bonus – I’ve been using my SodaStream to make batches of sparkling water to take in my glass bottle at work, saving plastic waste as well as protecting my teeth (sparkling water is slightly more acidic than regular water, but it’s not at all harmful, whereas regular fizzy drinks are acidic and sugary – terrible for dental health!).
I guess the biggest plus for me having access to sparkling water at home is that it’s stopped me reaching for sugary alternatives, and I’ve come to create a quick recipe or two that not only taste great, but are topping up my vitamin C intake now that the weather is getting colder. Read on to try out my healthy virgin mojito recipe!

Serves 2

500ml sparkling water
1 small lime
1 handful mint leaves
1 tsp unrefined brown sugar (optional)
2 bottles or glasses

  1. Fill your SodaStream Power bottle to the line, slip into place in the machine and choose how fizzy you like your water – I’m tame, selecting only one burst of carbon dioxide, but it truly depends on your taste buds!
  2. Next, slide up half one small lime – it’s surprising how strong they taste
  3. If you’re being fancy, you may want to roll the lip of your drinks containers in unrefined brown sugar to make mock cocktails
  4. Now rip off a handful of mint per person, wash under the tap and place in your bottles along with the sliced lime, sharing the leaves and slices equally
  5. Pour in your sparkling water – watch how the bubbles fizz!
  6. Finally, take the other half of your lime and squeeze across the two bottles evenly to give it a final kick, stir, and voilà!


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