Detox Lemonade

Detox lemonade

With the cold weather slowly creeping in, it’s time to start topping up those naturally summery vitamins and aid digestion with a morning detox drink – and this little recipe has added fizz!

It’s been a little while since I took up my lemon detox water routine, and now that I’m working full time, it’s actually pretty difficult to make extra time in the mornings for lemon water, yoga, breakfast, and all the usual ablutions. So instead, I’ve come to making a speedy alternative that not only keeps my vitamin c levels high (to ward off all those new colds going round!), but also tastes great, and readies my digestive system for whatever the day throws at me (and my mouth!).

This detox lemonade recipe is great for popping in a bottle and taking to work – in fact, a number of my co-workers make their own variations and take them to work too! The cool temperature makes it perfect for transporting in comparison to lemon detox water, and it doesn’t need to be drunk immediately upon rising either.

The crucial factor in this recipe is the sparkling water – it makes all the difference in terms of texture! So I’ve been putting my SodaStream Power* to good use recently, especially with this and my healthy virgin mojito recipe – the benefits of sparkling water are pretty great if you’re a regular fizzy drink lover, and will help you overcome those cravings too.

Detox Lemonade

Serves 1

1 lemon
400ml water

  1. First, you’re going to need to make your sparkling water. With a SodaStream Power, you can quickly do this by carbonating the water – I do this with a large 400ml serving, pressing only once for a level of fizziness that I’m happy with!
  2. Next, slice up one half of your lemon to pop inside the bottle
  3. Now squeeze the other half into the base of the bottle, using a small sieve or your fingers to catch the pips
  4. Finally, decant the sparkling water, filling until you reach the top of the bottle or glass
  5. As a side note – this water is best drunk fresh, within a few hours of making!


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