Why Being Imperfect is Just Perfect

I’ve spent a long time mulling over a strange emotional raincloud that’s been following me around recently but I think I’ve realised my problem – perfection is simply a step too far. Ever feel like you’re struggling to meet your own expectations?

Perfectionism isn’t a rare trait per se, but the phrase ‘nobody’s perfect’ does ironically spring to mind right now. I’ve started to realise that while I put so much of my thoughts on paper here, I don’t really express what’s going on in my personal life, and that needs to change! Wellbeing, or wellness as an umbrella term, is unequivocally entwined with life’s key priorities, whether that’s studying, work, or tapping out another blog about an incredible new item that’s made its way into my life.

I’ll be honest with you – it’s my dream to make blogging the reason why I wake up in the morning. I’d love to create a gang of likeminded readers and writers, and of healthy, sustainable people through my blog, and we form an online community that supports each other and spreads ideas about living in a more green, more nutritious way far and wide (and I could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles and we’d all eat and be happy…). So far, I think a few hours’ work per day is paying off on that front – the support and acceptance from people I’ve connected with over the last year or so has been enormous, and I thank you all for that.

However, I’ve started to realise that there’s a vague pressure that’s been growing like an unruly balloon in the back of my mind – I care for you all an awful lot, and I want that to come through in how I write. I will only ever recommend products that I love for example, and I often turn down reviews if the organisation doesn’t seem to have a shared ethos that we do here. I take a lot of time curating Curiously Conscious, and with all the recent changes in my life (new job, new home, so many new faces) I’ve been finding it tough to get a work-life balance going.

So I’ve decided to nip this in the bud, and talk about it here: finding a balance between your commitments, your wants, and your needs, is actually pretty hard. And I’ve struggled recently, sacrificing time I’ve needed to sleep, or making subpar food (toast is never, ever, dinner) in order to keep everything afloat. But I think now that I’ve realised my problem – I’ve not been truly looking after myself, I’ve been committing to crazy deadlines, and the idea of posting perfectly written, daily blogs while maintaining a full-time job is insane – I can start to find a better solution. Do you ever have that – you take a second to reflect on your wellbeing, and suddenly realise you’ve been treading wayyy too close to the brink of a burnout?

As from now, I’m going to start reflecting on my wellbeing more – both here and through a period of meditation every day – while I also stop mentally fixating upon impossible tasks. I have a lot of plans invested in CC, and I’d really love to make more content for you to read, watch, and enjoy, but I can’t do that if I’m tired, hungry, and emotional all the time!

In fact, that idea is exactly why I started writing Curiously Conscious in the first place. Society can’t tick over if there’s no planet for it to live on. And the same goes for everyone – we can’t carry on working, whether it’s our passion or not, if we have no body to live in! So whether it be through a mindful yoga practice every morning, a quick meditation in the afternoon, or shutting out your light a little earlier in the evening, take care of yourself, realise that you’re doing your best. Living consciously starts with yourself, your mind, body, and soul – and sometimes even its biggest advocates have to remind themselves of that!


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