Naturally Caffeine-Free Black Tea

Caffeine free black tea - Kromland Farm organic rooibos tea

Recently, I’ve gone a little crazy for tea. I usually start my day and end my day on a cup of the stuff, but I’ve recently discovered a secret about rooibos tea – it’s caffeine free!

It’s rare that I use the word natural on here when it comes to food, because it’s very hard to distinguish where this boundary lies. However, unlike black tea, which is made from tea leaves, rooibos offers a tasty alternative that is naturally caffeine-free because it’s a tisane rather than a tea. Tisane is another word for herbal tea, and rooibos uses dried plants coming from South African shrubs – this means, like all other herbal teas, it’s perfect as a bedtime brew!

I’ve recently been sipping on Kromland Farm’s Organic Rooibos Cinnamon & Orange Tea*, which has an amazing smell – like a mix of Christmas and a holiday in Seville! It’s actually been helping me to step away from adding any sugar to my teas too, as it’s naturally sweet, and doesn’t need any milk either (although I always opt for soy or almond when I do have my ‘regular’ brew).

Rooibos tea is also wonderful in that it contains loads of polyphenols, which are antioxidants, helping to heal the body in all sorts of ways, preventing illness, and ageing! Also, the fact that their rooibos is organic is great, as it’s benefiting the environment in which its grown, the workers who handle it, and our health as drinkers too – it is Organic September after all!

Finally, I just wanted to mention how much I love the Kromland Farm packaging – it’s just so cheery! Like a bright smile leaping out of the kitchen cupboard every time you open the door. I’ve been feeling a little rough round the edges in the evenings, as I’m still adjusting to my new job and new flat, but this tea and my whistling kettle are getting me through!


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