Mixed Berry + Almond Smoothie Bowl

Mixed berry and almond smoothie bowl recipe

It’s been a while since I wrote about smoothies! I’m a total convert to smoothie breakfasts, and I especially love a smoothie bowl when I have the time – this one is a pretty little favourite of mine…

To make this smoothie bowl, you’ll need the most part of your ingredients to be frozen – I often chop up bananas and freeze them for exactly this purpose, along with any over-ripe berries I’ve not had time to eat.

Serves 1

1 frozen banana, sliced
3 tbsp frozen berries
1 tbsp almond butter
100-150ml plant-based milk
4 almonds (optional)

  1. In a blender, add your frozen sliced banana, berries, almond butter, and around 100ml plant-based milk (I’ve been using soy as of late, although I personally think almond milk is better)
  2. Blend, mixing in-between with a spoon if necessary – you could add a little more milk if your blender needs better traction!
  3. Once it’s come together, spoon into a bowl and add any toppings you like


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