Living Nature: Sensitive Cleanser

It’s organic beauty week! As part of the Soil Association’s Organic September, I’m celebrating with many others the benefits of organic beauty, and why it’s so much better than regular cosmetics. First up – it’s the first thing that touches my skin in the morning – is this beautifully light cleanser…

Organic beauty is perhaps the best adjective to use when explaining and classifying natural beauty. As I’ve learnt over the last year or two, the cosmetic and skincare aisles are awash with ‘natural’ claims and green themes, but neither of them really constitute much unless they have some form of certification.

For Living Nature’s Sensitive Cleanser*, this comes in the form of a BDIH Certified Natural badge, which means the plant-based ingredients have to be organic, while ingredients from animal origin can only be produced by them  (i.e. milk, honey), meaning it does not promote animal slaughter for cosmetics, nor use of meat industry by-products. All ingredients have to be cruelty-free too, even if supplied from elsewhere. I’m pretty impressed by that little badge to be honest, as it holds all of what I’ve proclaimed in the past to be my ethos, making sure beauty brands work with nature rather than abuse or work against it.

So, onto the cleanser itself – this is like applying a liquid cloud to your face! I love circling my fingertips around my eyes in the morning, whether it be after splashing with warm water or while in the shower, and how it soothes and wipes away any sleeping dust. I’m thinking that’s the organic coconut working there, while the harakeke provides antibacterial properties. As it rightly says on the back, the cleanser works without irritation, even on very dry or sensitive skin. It’s the lightest and softest cleanser I’ve come across that does the job of removing eye makeup too (albeit, I use a more natural variety) with a few swirls around the eyes when washing your face.


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