Juico UNO Slow Juicer

Remember when I went on my three-day juice cleanse? I certainly do, and while an overall pleasant experience, I know that my juices would definitely have been enhanced if I was using the Juico UNO slow juicer* to make my juices with.

Here’s why – while the nutritional content of my juices would have remained the same, considering both my old juicer and the Juico UNO are slow, masticating juicers, the smoothness of the cold-pressed juice and the amount made would have been dramatically increased. I was very surprised to find that the Juico UNO only needed to juice fresh produce once to produce a firm, dry pulp, meaning all the juice had been yielded first time round. Furthermore, the fine sieve-like holes in the bottom of its rotating “screw” made sure my juices were smooth all the way through.

In terms of sustainability, it’s also nice to see that Juico make sure all the plastics used in their juicers are BPA-free, as well as their juicers running at a lower wattage than regular ones, saving electricity.

Right now, the Juico UNO is probably the best bit of kit I have in my kitchen – it’s quieter than my blender, sturdier than my food processor, and easier to clean than either of them. However, it does come at a price – it retails at £299, but is currently on sale for £219. I know that juicing can come across as a miracle weight-loss cure, but really, investing that kind of money means you should be drinking juices at least a couple of times per week in order to validate purchasing this. The same can be said for those of you who enjoy a juice at a juice bar – if you’re buying a few per week, it’s time you bought your own Juico UNO. It’s a really beautiful piece of equipment, and I would reserve it for serious juice enthusiasts.

Thanks to Thrive Magazine, I was able to road-test this juicer, and they’ve also provided a further 5% off code for anyone looking to purchase the Juico UNO. Thank you Thrive! If you do get one, I hope you’re as happy with it as I am with mine.


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