Gozo Deli Cashew Cheese

Oh. My. God. I am in love with this cheese. It’s better than actual cheese – and healthier too. I’ve never really been the sort that dabbles with alternatives, but I’d genuinely recommend this cashew cheese to anyone, no matter their diet. Why should vegans keep these things all to themselves?!

Spreading the cashew cheese love has been somewhat of a fun little experiment. When I’ve introduced people to the idea, they’ve looked at me like I’m crazy. Why would anyone want to mess with cheese in the first place? It’s creamy, it’s umami, and it’s downright delicious. And to be honest with you, I’m normally the sort of person who avoids ‘alternatives’ too – if I’m going vegetarian, I’m not going to crave that meaty taste from strange concoctions. Earlier on in the year, I enjoyed a vegan cheeseburger in Paris, but it was something of a naughty treat. I don’t cook like that at home though – I like to enjoy the vegetables I eat, the wholefoods I mix throughout my diet.

Gozo Deli’s Casheese* (yes, we’re talking cashew cheese here) is pretty much a revelation in my kitchen. It’s got that fizzy zing that regular cheese does, yet it’s not just a plain mild cheddar – the French herb variety tastes exactly like fragrant cream cheese with herbes de provence, the smoked paprika gives Manchego cheese a run for its money, and the basil pesto is like Boursin’s Italian cousin. I have had so much fun dipping, spreading, and cooking with these, that I’ll also be revealing my favourite dinner recipe with these soon too.

And the best part? It’s much lower in fat than regular cheese (20g per 100g, rather than 33g for mature cheddar), it’s still relatively high in protein (9g per 100g, compared to 25g), and it’s made with activated cashews and live cultures, giving your gut something to be happy about.

Overall, I’d really recommend you heading down to Gozo Deli to give these a taste test. The cheeses are currently stocked in a number of health food stores across London, however their website will soon be taking online orders – I’ll give you the heads up when that comes around. I’m definitely going to be reordering – if not hunting them down in the city – when I’m all out! And if I get the chance, I’m going to convert completely – I’m not a fan of the dairy industry, and this is such a fine alternative that I doubt I’ll miss the ‘real’ thing!


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