Cha Tale Gourmet Tea Box

Never have I been so touched by the care that’s been taken in the selection, presentation, and delightful flavours that come from tea. Cha Tale is really on to something – if you like your teas, this gourmet tea tasting treat is definitely for you. Just wait ’til you see what’s inside!

You must know by now that I’m a real tea fan. They’re perfect for that morning perk up, for nighttime relaxation, and everything in-between. So it came as a pleasant surprise when I opened up the chirpy yellow box with hand-stamped logo to find three teas I had never tried before, nor tasted anything of the sort!

Cha Tale specialise in fine teas, with really unique flavours and delicious health benefits too. I opted for the Detox box* for my first try, as I was also intrigued to find out if these teas could help with digestion, as well as taste great too. Within the box I found three sachets – aren’t they pretty! I actually felt bad for imprisoning these in my tea strainer, as I would have loved to leave the ingredients to float around my cup to look at rather than drink!

In this selection, I really enjoyed tasting plant-based elements that I had never heard of before, such as apple blossom flower, which leaves you feeling soothed and calm while still having a tangy apple taste and slight sweetness. By far though, my favourite was the detox tea, which infused a number of ingredients that boost digestion (cassia seed), provide key vitamins (vitamin B, C, and beta carotene in chrysanthemum), and antioxidants (goji berry), while also having a pleasurable taste (likely from the rock candy, which is a simple sugar sweetener).

If you’re a loose tea lover, you’re definitely going to want to try this. Cha Tale operate as a subscription service, where you will receive one box monthly with a number of sachets to try. These sachets can make up to 40 cups if you make sure to keep your strainer dry once used, and re-steep the ingredients for the number of minutes specified. In fact, it’s a common belief in certain parts of the world that a second brewing is always better than the first!

Lucky for you, I have a very special discount code from the lovely people at Cha Tale for you to try your first box for £1, with free postage inside the UK. If you hop on over to their site now, choose your box, and enter the code ‘BESMA20‘ at the checkout, you can try these delicious drinks for a teeny tiny price!


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