Botanicals: Organic Radiance Serum

It’s the last day of Organic Beauty Week here on Curiously Conscious! I’ve enjoyed sharing my latest green beauty favourites over the last few days, and this one really tops them all when it comes to skin care.

It’s fair to say that before trying Botanical’s Radiance Serum*, I was a face oil virgin. Why? I couldn’t tell you, because this little bottle of organic joy has really revolutionised my skincare routine. For a while now, I’ve been applying plant-based oils to the tips of my hair, to my legs after shaving, and even using them to take my makeup off, but I never really thought they would help much when it comes to my dry skin. How very wrong I was!

So far, I’ve been using this serum for just under a month and it’s really made a huge difference to my dry cheeks and forehead. I apply a drop from the pipet (so cute) to each cheek, and one to my forehead after cleansing both day and night (I’m also thinking of integrating some natural toner in that routine at some point), and rub in upwards circles with my hands across my problem areas. When I sleep in it, I wake up with soft, plump skin, and it seems to have reduced my blemishes too.

On top of that, I also apply a drop to each problem area before applying make-up, which leaves a dewy glow when using a simple skin tint and bronzer.

The serum itself is principally made from apricot kernel oil, sunflower seed oil, and grape seed oil. You may notice that I’ve taken the latin names from the ingredients list to write that, and it does make sense really – no-one wants to think about applying cooking oil to their face – but the way in which these oils (and many more) have been infused together has made a perfectly balanced serum suitable for dry skin, as the majority of the oils are high in oleic acid. The organic nature is also a boost, as it’s sometimes difficult to break down the chemical make-up of oils when exposed to pesticides and other chemical nasties, but these are nice and clean.

Botanicals is also a big supporter of the Soil Association’s Campaign for Clarity, in which they are calling for transparency when it comes to green beauty. The best tips that I have garnered from the campaign is to always check the ingredients list, and also take note of any independent certifications – many of which can easily be checked online. (In fact, if you’re looking for a place to start when it comes to reducing the nasty side of your beauty shelf, take a look at the 25 harmful ingredients I recommend avoiding in general). Botanicals is also offering free postage when you spend over £10 in their online boutique throughout Organic September, which makes it the perfect time to try out organic beauty.


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