Lentil & Onion Noodle Soup

This recipe is an old family favourite, and has been a lifesaver for those moments when I’ve not had many fresh vegetables in the house to cook with – it’s perfect comfort food, if you will. The lentils are a great source of protein, and thicken the soup up so it’s satisfyingly filling, while the onion and spices give it a nice kick. I actually ate this for dinner this evening as I’m still settling into my new house and still searching for the best places to purchase my groceries from. I enjoyed topping it with a little tomato purée and smoked paprika this time round, but you can have it as is or with a citrus-y salad too.

Lentil & Onion Noodle Soup

Serves 4

400g red lentils
2 medium red onions
5 spaghetti noodle nests
4 cups of boiling water
1 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp mild curry powder
1 tbsp black pepper

  1. Dice your red onions, and add to a pan with a spoonful of olive oil
  2. Fry at a medium heat, tossing occasionally. I like to keep a lid on so they sweat
  3. Once translucent, add your lentils and two cups of water, stirring thoroughly
  4. Now add the flavourings – I like mild curry powder and black pepper best
  5. Leave on a low heat and covered for 20 minutes
  6. You should now find your lentils are swollen but have yet to split. Add a third cup of water, and stir again
  7. Leave for another 10 minutes, and return to add another cup of water, stirring once more
  8. In a small bowl, crush your noodle nests into small pieces using your hands
  9. Now stir your pot once again, and add the noodles gradually, until they’re all in the mix
  10. Leave for 10 more minutes until the noodles are rehydrated, and now you should find your mix is deliciously thick and smooth
  11. Serve into bowls and enjoy!


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