Dr Organic: Aloe Vera Soap

Soap may be one of the most boring skincare products to talk about, but it’s also one of the most readily used. I’m actually something of a soap addict – I wash my hands, my face, and my body with soap. I even have a shampoo bar for my hair!

This aloe vera soap from Dr Organic is one of my favourites, but I’m wrestling with an ethical problem – its high palm oil content. As I’ve mentioned in separate reviews, I’m against the use of palm oil in products – whether it be food, cleaning, or beauty – due to its highly unsustainable impact on rainforests. After speaking to the brand via Twitter, they told me that they “source materials from companies who actively support or engage in Fair Trade and sustainability programs wherever possible… this includes palm oil”. They also said they will be updating their website with this information, so hopefully this means things will be clearer in the future, although I would love to see some independent certification too.

As for the soap itself, I’ve not had a bar that is as hydrating as much as it is cleansing, which is its shining aspect. And when applied in the shower using bath mitts, it leaves the skin super soft too. In fact, I’ve always experienced oilier skin on my body than my face, so washing with this soap has been like a miracle cure!

All in all, despite my initial disappointment at the high palm oil content, the organic vegetable origin, cruelty-free status, and sheer effectiveness of this aloe vera soap means its a bathroom essential for me.


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