Apricot & Berry Ice Lollies

I’ve moved house! Yippee! It’s taken two weeks to really sort it all out, but I’m finally here, unboxed and ready to start my new job on Monday. Last week, while I was packing away my assortment of foodstuffs, I realised I wouldn’t have enough time to eat eight apricots before my move, so decided to put them to good use – and this is the result!

The secret to plant-based smoothies, smoothie bowls, and ice creams, is always to have some form of thick base. Normally, it’s banana or avocado, but the apricots did well by themselves to hold together and make these lovely lollies.

Apricot & Berry Ice Lollies

Serves 8

8 small, ripe apricots
Handful of frozen berries
Splash of coconut water

  1. Slice your apricots into quarters, and pop in the blender
  2. Add a splash of coconut water (up to 20ml should do it) and blend until thick and smooth
  3. Pour into moulds
  4. Drop a few berries into each mould, mixing around a little
  5. Now freeze for at least eight hours (I froze mine overnight)
  6. Finally, when attempting to eat, leave to melt a little so they come away from the mould in one piece!


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