A Green Day Out in Cambridge

A Green Day Out in Cambridge | Curiously Conscious

I had a great time in Cambridge last weekend, and thought I’d share the highlights with you! Eating well while travelling or on holiday is often difficult to do, but with a little research I headed to both a juice bar in the form of Bridges Café, made myself a pick ‘n’ mix salad, and also headed over to the highest rated vegetarian restaurant in the city, Rainbow Café. However, even with all that prep, plans don’t always work out: the Rainbow Café was closed! Instead, I visited a popular restaurant chain for a veggie option instead (not quite as healthy, but a good second option while in an unfamiliar place).

On top of that, I did a little sightseeing, and spent a long afternoon in the Cambridge University Botanical Gardens, which is a beautiful and quiet spot to visit if you ever go to the city. The greenhouses were amazing! Tickets cost £5 per adult, and they are completely worth it – I learnt a lot about plant families, and am now inspired to create a little herb garden of my own when I’m all settled in my new flat after moving house next week.

While you will see a few disposable plastic pieces in the video, I do usually bring a bottle to have filled, as well as my trusty tote bags. I hope I can purchase a metal lunch box or two in the future too!

Finally, my recipe for apple and cinnamon overnight oats featured at the start of the video is now live on Happy Healthy Dream blog – have you checked out Sienna’s respective recipe she created for Curiously Conscious yet?


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