What is Mindful Eating?

We’re coming up to the first birthday of Curiously Conscious, so I thought it was about time I defined the blog’s main notions. Mindful eating and conscious living have become mantras in my daily life, yet they don’t quite have the same hype surrounding them as other lifestyle trends do. I think it’s key to explain why these two concepts really mean a lot more to me than any other buzzword at this present time, and why they will outlive them too.

The theory of mindful eating was first introduced to me through Rachel Bartholomew and Mandy Pearson’s book of the same name. Aiming to “stop mindless eating, and learn to nourish body and soul”, the main principles I took away were to live presently when making choices around food, and to listen to body and mind so as to be nourished in all areas.

Now that I have spent a year blogging about my healthy food finds, yummy recipes, and guides to certain cooking aspects (eating seasonally, juice cleansinghealthy restaurants in Paris, plant-based milk alternatives… you name it, if I’ve internally questioned something, there’ll be a guide about it on here), I feel like I’ve created a mindful eating dimension of my own. I’ve always been an inquisitive person, but with food, I somehow accepted unhealthy pseudo-foods, the heavily unsustainable meat industry, and cruel intensive farming practices for a long, long time. Now, after re-educating myself, mindful eating has become a three-fold concept:

  1. Nurturing the symbiotic relationship between food and the body
  2. Eating in a way that promotes acceptance, sustainability, and happiness
  3. Partaking in education around food, cooking, and agriculture

I hope in some way, I have and will continue to promote all of these aspects in my writing. I feel like so far, I have passionately uncovered the reasons for seasonal and local eating, and explained why (and how) I became a vegetarian in depth. However, as with mindfulness comes acceptance, so I also want to stress that I accept everyone’s diet and lifestyle choices, although the contemplation of the three pillars of mindful eating, no matter what each person’s conclusions are, will always be something I advocate.

On top of my hopes, if you do want to know more about mindful eating, I would highly recommend reading the Mindful Eating book that sparked the flame of one half of this blog, as well as contacting me personally – I will always be happy to help and chat directly with you! You can comment on this post directly, or find me via email, Twitter, or even Instagram if you prefer. And as always, keep up with the posts on Curiously Conscious, as I continue to expand into all three of the areas further and help everyone become a mindful eater!


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