What is Conscious Living?

As I said in my last post, we’re closing in on the first anniversary of Curiously Conscious (can you believe it?! One whole year!) so I’m redefining the two concepts that make up my blog’s bread and butter – mindful eating, and conscious living.

For me, the principle of conscious living came about over a period of time where I was scrutinising all aspects of my lifestyle. I suppose it’s when I first coined, and then created, Curiously Conscious – I’m always looking to educate myself about more sustainable and ethical approaches to living, without compromising on quality of life, or happiness. Over the last year, conscious living has come to embody one main principle, with a number of key aims that I am always working towards:

  • Researching and understanding how to respect the earth through a sustainable lifestyle by:
    • Sourcing goods that are produced sustainably
    • Changing to products that are natural, non-toxic, and earth-friendly
    • Reducing general consumption
    • Abstaining from products with excessive packaging
…And above all, being aware of the impact of each and every action, purchase, and piece of rubbish I create. It’s almost impossible to say that anyone could reach all of these goals, let alone in one go, and even inspirations such as Bea Johnson, Colin Beavan, Lauren Singer, or climate-change activists like Naomi Klein would tell you that no good can come from straining to be that perfect. However, it’s definitely been an eye-opener to keep educating myself (and writing my findings on this blog) about conscious living, as well as on products and organisations that also are attempting to be more sustainable. And hopefully, if we work together, we can influence others to also live more consciously and respect the earth too!


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