Trespass: Vegan Walking Boots

How cool is Cheryl Strayed? I’m in awe of her, and her journey in Wild (as well as having a little girl-crush on Reese Witherspoon in the film). While I haven’t been on many hiking trips, those that I have are firmly implanted in my mind as some of the best memories I have, and I intend to go on many more after being seriously inspired when watching Wild in the cinema (and now getting my hands on the book and DVD, eek!).

However, walking boots pose the age-old question for us veggies (and anyone else with an opposition to the meat industry): what should we do about all this leather? I’m very much of the stance that buying leather, even second-hand, isn’t the greatest idea, and while I do have one pair of leather shoes and a belt that originate from my meat-eating days (and will stay with me until they’re worn out), any new purchases have to be 100% vegan.

So it’s thanks to Trespass that I’m presenting my latest vegan leather shoes: these Tutti Womens Faux Suede Walking Boots*. Aren’t they pretty? Especially with the red laces, à la Strayed. But are faux suede boots as durable as real ones?

Firstly, there’s the fit. As I have quite skinny feet, they are wide, but fit well with thick hiking socks, and they tie tightly onto the foot too. The shoe seems to be very well made – thick rubber soles, sturdy eyelets, and the faux suede is not only water resistant but breathable too. So far, so good.
As for the hiking experience – I’m yet to break these shoes out onto some trails, but having worn them in I know that they offer good all-round protection of the foot and the heel support is fantastic. As hiking boots, they are quite a lot heavier than any of my other shoes, but as a rookie I know that I’ll get used to the feel of it.

Will they last? Only time will tell, although I find the idea of leather lasting longer than man-made synthetics is often a fallacy, as other parts of the shoe usually wear away first. However, considering these boots are now on sale for £17.99 (with an RRP £54.99), you really can’t complain!

I’m really looking forward to going on a lot of rural walks with these boots when I move house in August!


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