Ojamin: Herb and Fruit Tonic

I first came across Ojamin during the Be:Fit London event I attended a few months back. The concept of their Herb & Fruit tonic* was something I had not come across before; offering a unique combination of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, it was like a natural answer to supplements.

Normally, I’m not a fan of capsule or tablet supplements – if you’re lacking something in your diet, find nature’s provider. Also, as a vegetarian, the majority of clear capsules use gelatine so is a complete no-go. However, with Ojamin, you mix a teaspoonful with 150ml of water twice a day to simply add on extra nutrients in the diet. The tonic has a pleasant, citrus, and earthy taste too. Considering I’m generally a plant-based veggie, I approve of its complex mix of fruit and vegetable extracts without any chemical nasties in traditional medicines or supplements. On top of that, its ingredients are organic, free from pesticides, fertilisers, and GMOs.

Does Ojamin work? And for what? You ask. Well, considering I am rarely ill – a little hayfeverish at times, but nothing more – I’ve found the tonic similar to my lemon detox drink I sometimes make. It’s a primer for the body, boosting any lacking nutrients, and working with a healthy diet to make you your healthiest self. I’m not sure I would explicitly recommend it for a specific ailment, or even class it as a medicine, which is what it comes across as in the information leaflet included. Instead, it’s better seen as a holistic health measure that anyone can benefit from. Instead, as a detox tonic, it helps you stay on path with a healthier diet and supports mindful eating choices. Just like a good diet, Ojamin’s Herb & Fruit tonic will boost your body’s systems and motivate you to eat better in-between its morning and evening 150ml shots.

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