Sweet Morning Green Juice

Continuing with my juice cleanse series, I’m now posting all my juice recipes! The first of the week is this sweet morning green juice, something I am genuinely incorporating into my regular diet as it’s both healthier than a smoothie, and a great thing to wake up to. Packed full of chlorophyll, yet still sweet (essentially, no celery in sight – but feel free to pop some in if you prefer a more earthy taste), it’s a great boost to your digestive system too, due to the cucumber. On my juice diet, I actually drank a lemon detox water at a lukewarm temperature before starting on my juices, so this fits nicely if you do that regularly too – for me, I’m going to pop a light yoga session in-between the two to really make it worthwhile.

As a side note, it’s always better to have organic produce, but if you don’t, try washing it with a little scrub brush and a natural cleaner (I use the juice of one lemon mixed with one tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda and 125ml water, stored in a spray bottle). On top of this, feel free to add a little water through your juicer to get all the juice out before decanting into a glass.

Sweet morning green juice

Serves 1

1 apple
1 cucumber
2 handfuls of spinach
2 handfuls of kale

1/2 lemon

  1. Start by washing your produce, then slice everything into finger-sized pieces
  2. Feed the leaves with your cucumber through the juicer, then the apple and lemon
  3. Funnel into a glass, skimming off any froth and enjoy!


Read my full three day juice cleanse plan here.


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