Raw Vanilla Cashew Milk

I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder of making a drink! This raw vanilla cashew milk is the first nut milk I’ve made myself, and it came out so smooth and milky-white. I had to combine a few recipes to get to the final product, so I’ve written up exactly how to do it below, and you do not need a nut milk bag for the final product either.

As the penultimate drink each day of my three-day juice cleanse, I really enjoyed the creaminess and sweetness in contrast to the mean green dinner juice. It was also nice to make the drinks in bulk at the beginning so I could sip on it immediately after my last juice of the day, although I’d advise a quick whizz in the blender so as to avoid separation. Overall, if I can get the cashew nuts cheap enough, I’d happily make my own nut milk on a regular basis!

Raw Vanilla Cashew Milk

Serves 3

2 tbsp agave syrup
145g cashew nuts
1 vanilla bean
1.5 litres of water

  1. Start by soaking the cashew nuts in 240ml water for 2-12 hours (I soaked mine for eight)
  2. Drain the water, and pop the swollen cashews into your juicer while slowly pouring the 1.5 litres of water through it too (I would really recommend a masticating juicer, as I’m not sure how a centrifugal juicer would handle this), making sure to re-juice the pulp at least one time afterwards
  3. Cut the end off your vanilla bean and scrape out the paste
  4. Put the cashew milk, vanilla bean paste, and agave syrup in a blender and whizz up until perfectly creamy
  5. The yield should make up at least three 500ml portions of cashew milk, perfect for the three-day cleanse! You can store the milk in the fridge in-between days, for up to three days.


Read my full three day juice cleanse plan here.


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