Living Nature: Fragrance Free Mascara

While I do feature cruelty-free and green beauty products on a regular basis on Curiously Conscious, it’s rare that I feature makeup – but when I do, it means it’s a key piece in my makeup bag. I’ve always only had one small cosmetic bag with my collection inside for the “barely there” look I always go for, and I didn’t even dabble with foundation until I was 18! I suppose in this way, I’m trying to say that I love this product because it has found my way into the select few beauty bits and bobs that I regularly use.

In my collection, I now always have concealer, foundation, mascara, eyeliner (both liquid and pencil, although rarely worn together), and a small eyeshadow palette, along with a highlighter and red lipstick on special occasions. My newest addition to this select few is Living Nature’s Fragrance Free Thickening Mascara*, which true to their word is completely fragrance-less, and lovely on my lashes. I’ve found choosing a natural mascara quite a chore in the past, as they can be clumpy and expensive, but this mascara works just as good as my last high-street purchase and retails at £21.

My one question regarding the mascara would be its “thickening” description. I personally would hesitate in recommending this as a thickening mascara, as I’ve found it would be more apt to describe it as elongating, but then again I’m not quite sure how thick people would like their lashes. For me, I’m very happy with its performance; its jet black colour coats my lashes from root to tip using the dainty wand, and it lasts all day without little dry flakes appearing under my eyes either. On top of that, it comes off very easily when using coconut oil or a natural makeup remover too. I also have to add a little nod of appreciation for the very simple packaging design; while it did come in a box, I really adore how it is just a black bottle with swirling logo on the lid.


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