June Favourites

The end of June is nigh! I can’t believe this summer month came and went in a blink of an eye, but is finishing on a high note – it’s sunny, and I received some amazing news today! Here are my favourites this month, and if you keep reading you’ll find an update about something you can enjoy, as well as something I am over the moon about…

1. My juice cleanse series
The first (and probably most obvious) choice is my juice cleanse that I recently went on. Gosh, I felt amazing after three days of juicing, and food tasted so good, especially tomatoes for some reason! While I did lose a little weight, the main takeaway was the ability to discern between hunger pangs and mental cravings, making me more mindful in my approach to eating on a daily basis now. If you’re interested in cleansing, would you find an eBook helpful? I’m tempted to compile everything with some added tips for a free download, so let me know if you’d like this in the comments.

2. Raw vanilla cashew milk recipe
This is my proudest recipe to date – simply because I’ve never made nut milk before, and I guzzle down quite a bit normally so to be able to make my own was awesome! You can find the recipe here.

3. Bibico’s navy Breton striped jumper
I’m currently minimising my consumption of unnecessary goods, so I haven’t been buying any clothes except bare essentials that are made in an ethical way. Bibico‘s beautiful Breton striped jumper has been my favourite new piece added to my budding capsule wardrobe this month – you can read my full review (of the jumper and brand) here.

4. Living Nature’s fragrance-free mascara
This too is a new addition to a select few; I’m not a huge beauty hauler, so this dainty and effective mascara ticks all the boxes for me and my daily makeup routine. You can read a full review here.

5. Plant-based bolognese (and going plant-based as a whole)
As one of my most used recipes (probably that and hummus), I can’t stop loving this dish. Eating plant-based is becoming more and more the main diet choice for me, although I think practicing a flexible diet is definitely key – for example, I will still happily have the occasional slice of cheese or a squeeze of honey in my tea once in a while. I will always be vegetarian, but predominantly plant-based.

6. Beetroot and carrot juice
This was quite a revolutionary drink, as I’d always assumed juices could only be a side – and always had to be fruity. This veggie juice was just savoury enough to function as a lunch, but also filling too! It too was a main part of my juice cleanse, and you can find the individual recipe here.

I hope that you had as fun a month as I did – you can tell that my mindset has definitely changed over the past few weeks in terms of diet, and I will be posting about my exact definitions of “mindful eating” and “conscious living” in the next week or so, so we’re all on the same page.

As for the amazing news – I found out today that I’m graduating with upper second class honours! My fingers had never been crossed tighter, and today I’ve been able to breathe a sigh of relief, followed by a big smile. The last four years of university (including 16 months working in Paris) have enlightened me and provided some of the best experiences of my life, and I know I’ve made some amazing friends along the way too. I hope that everyone gets the chance to embark on similar challenging but rewarding journeys in their lifetimes, as I know it has changed me as a person and made my outlook on life so much rosier! I’ll be moving onto greener pastures soon too, as I’m going to be working in London, and if nothing else, I’ll get to shop in Whole Foods on a regular basis!


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