Bibico: Ethical Clothing


It seems that summer is finally here! It’s been nice and warm in the UK so far, but Birmingham continues to be blighted by bouts of cloud and has made dressing for the weather a bit of a hassle. Thankfully, I’ve been wearing this Breton Striped Navy Jumper* from Bibico, an ethical clothing boutique based in Bath, UK. Made of 20% wool, and 80% cotton, it’s light and goes over any smaller tops really nicely!

I first found Bibico through Twitter, and I’m really glad I did. As I am slowly replacing my wardrobe with ethical and stylish alternatives, I think this brand has a great mix of modern pieces that are made from natural materials by fair trade cooperatives. While each piece may have a slightly different backstory, for example this jumper was made in the EU rather than a fair trade cooperative, they are definitely better than high-street alternatives, and are well-made too. I suppose this is something to be expected from a piece priced at £48.00, but shouldn’t we all be paying a little more for our clothes and empowering all those involved in the manufacturing process? In fact, this is also my attitude towards food now – organic, fresh, and local produce made in a sustainable way is definitely worth a few extra pennies.

On top of all that, I just really like the style of the majority of their pieces. I’ve taken away a liking of Parisian fashion since my year abroad, and I know that this Breton striped jumper will be a stand-out piece in what I’m hoping will be a minimalistic capsule wardrobe. I can pair it with “mom jeans” and sandals for a beachy look, or with simple black skinnies and heeled boots to keep it chic. Right now, buying simple, long-lasting pieces that are made in a humane way is definitely my new clothes shopping mantra.


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