7 Of The Best UK Juice Cleanses

I finished my three-day juice cleanse plans! While I had food cravings on the first day, upset on the second (the mean green dinner juice seemed like such an insult to my regular meals!), by day three I was feeling happy, energised, and proud of sticking to it. Three days might not seem like a long time, but when you don’t have food to look forward to – whether it be cooking, eating, or buying it – it does make you wonder what to do with your time!

However, the benefits definitely outweigh the few negative thoughts that I had across the cleanse, as I genuinely feel brighter and happier with my body, as well as ready to eat an almost exclusively vegan and plant-based diet (however, I’m still open to eggs and honey, so long as they’re sourced in a sustainable and a fair way).

Now that I have finished, I thought I’d give you the low-down on the research I did before starting mine. Juice cleansing, while many ‘juiceries’ have their own specific juice cleanse plans, pretty much has a few golden rules that they all share…

Juice Cleansing 101

So, do you know what kind of juice cleanse plans to look for? In my opinion, for a beginner on a three-day cleanse, there should be six drinks per day, of 500ml each. Of these juices, there is usually two green juices, one beetroot juice, one “lemonade”, a sweeter juice, and a nut milk.

From studying the below commercial juice cleanses, as well as reading up about the subject online and using Roots & Bulbs’ Pure: Juicing for Life book, I devised my own DIY juice cleanse. I’ll be giving you the full info on it in the coming days, but for today’s purposes, I’ll be showing you how much it cost to do in comparison to commercial pre-bottled versions…

Commercial V.S. DIY Juice Cleanse

As mentioned in my previous post, you should have a few set parameters before starting. For my juice cleanse, I decided to opt for a DIY because I firstly wanted to have a juicer in my kitchen for future juices, as well as there being no juice shops nearby (although most commercial juiceries deliver nationwide). I chose to buy a slow masticating juicer to produce true cold-pressed juices, rather than the standard (and usually slightly cheaper) centrifugal juicers. With centrifugal juicers, heat is expelled during from the equipment, zapping some of the live enzymes of the raw produce being put through it, so I discounted it from my search. For my juice cleanse, I thought it essential to have a slow, cold-press-style juicer, and almost all organic produce.

This being said, I chose an inexpensive masticating juicer – the ElectrIQ HSL600, priced at £55. This ticked all my boxes, and over the course of the three days (making 15 juices and three nut milks) I can’t fault it. The pulp sometimes needs to be re-juiced, but it takes very little time to do this, and it can handle kale, spinach, carrots, and soaked nuts.

On top of this, my total food bill for the three days came to £35, with the majority of the produce being organic too. I’ll be listing exactly what I used, and how to carry out your own juice cleanse, in an upcoming post this week. My food bill thus took the total of my juice cleanse to £90, and I have my very own juicer now too!

Comparing this to commercial juice cleanses plans, you can see why I opted for my DIY version simply from a financial point of view. However, if I didn’t have the time to do what I did, I can totally understand someone going for a juice cleanse plan from one of the following juiceries. These are the best options I have found, and would happily try if I needed a more convenient and timely option!

7 Of The Best 3-Day Juice Cleanse Plans

1. Press London*
18 x 500ml juices + 6 extras  |  £149
Delivery: Free inside London; UK mainland at extra cost
Press London’s cleanse includes six raw, cold-pressed juices per day, along with two smaller “milk” drinks. Their plan is well structured, changing each day and maintains a good timely schedule. For under £150, they are also one of the cheapest juice cleanses on the market.

2. Raw & Juicy
15 x 500ml juices + 13 extras  |  £225
Delivery: Free inside London; UK mainland at extra cost
Raw & Juicy claim to be the UK’s first home delivery juice ‘detox’ company, and it’s perhaps with that experience that their cleanse programmes are chock-full of extras to make your cleanse a highly enjoyable experience (thus negating the need for a sixth juice per day). You can exclude ingredients according to your dietary requirements, as well as enjoy luxuries such as charcoal-filtered water, aloe vera shots, bath salts, and even an enema kit.

3. Raw Press
18 x 500ml juices  |  £195
Delivery: Free inside London; UK mainland at extra cost
Raw Press’ Spring Clean Cleanse is made up of  five juices and one almond milk, which makes it perhaps a little more palatable for beginners (I’m more of a fan of almond milk than cashew). They offer a wide range of more alkaline cleanses too.

4. Radiance Cleanse
15/18 x 500ml juices  |  £199/£225
Delivery: Dependant on location and delivery type
Radiance Cleanse’s Signature programme is definitely the middle-of-the-road option. With the choice to have five or six juices per day (one of which being a cashew milk), it’s priced accordingly and nicely styled too.

5. Juiceman
15 x 500ml juices  |  £190 (£150)
Delivery: Free with orders over £50 to mainland UK
Juiceman’s 3-day cleanse is a particularly cheap option, especially as delivery is free too. However, you will receive a mix of juices, and only five per day rather than the usual six. There is also no nut milk. Juiceman are currently offering their 3-day cleanse for £150 when you enter the promotional code “3DAYSPECIAL” at the checkout.

6. Plenish
18 x 500ml juices  |  £240
Delivery: Free
Plenish may be a favourite in the Instagram world, but perhaps that’s for their singular juices rather than a cleanse, as they are pricy! Their beginner Harmony cleanse includes five juices and one nut milk per day, in an order similar to what I did in my DIY cleanse. The one benefit is that all their juices are certified organic by the Soil Association.

7. Curiously Conscious
18 x 500ml juices + 6 extras + juicer  |  £90
Yes, I’ve sneakily popped my juice cleanse plan at the end of the list, mainly for comparison reasons, but also because I feel like I’ve achieved just as much for a lower price, juicer and extras included. Click here to read through the full 3-day juice cleanse plan and get all the recipes too.

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