May Favourites

It’s the end of an era – not just a month! I’m really happy to say that I’ve finished my final year university exams, and while graduation is a little way away, I’m now relaxing after the final revision push. I’m now spending the time trying out new recipes, getting fit (I’m finally enjoying running!) and hoping to better myself over the summer before starting my new job. Across this month, I’ve really enjoyed posting about the following:

1. Pink coconut water
It seems that pink coconut water is as new to all of you as it is to me! I loved your reactions to my post on it, but I love more the fact that it’s possibly the healthiest type of coconut water on the market.

2. Plant-based chocolate flapjack
This was my celebration after my final exam – a big, gooey chocolate flapjack that was surprisingly completely plant-based too. Thanks to Rawr Chocolate for making such a good alternative to regular chocolate; no palm oil and no spots for me the day after either.

3. All things coconut
While it may be a fashion trend at the moment, coconut is actually quite the superfood. I researched the benefits of coconut oil, meat, water, and milk to find out which parts of a coconut we should (and shouldn’t) be indulging in.

4. Plant-based spaghetti bolognese
This meal is a big staple in my diet, so I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of you who enjoyed my recipe! I’ve recently discovered adding a little smoked paprika to the courgette spaghetti and pine nuts gives a great little zing too. You can find the recipe here.

5. My dissertation
While I’m not trying to blow my own trumpet (too much!), I have to admit I really enjoyed posting an executive summary of my eating local dissertation. Organic and local produce are the main focuses of my project, and you can find out why I think they’re so important over here.

6. Living Nature’s Day Cream
This has been a miracle for my skin, hence why I’m adding it to this month’s highlights. My face suffers from dryness and redness, but this day cream has really helped me overcome it (even during the stressful exam season) so it’s my beauty product of the month.


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