Birmingham Foodies Festival 2015

Last weekend, I visited Birmingham Foodies Festival, a celebration of all sorts of cuisine as well as cooking. Having been invited as an official blogger for the festival, I was happy to see so many other Brummies joining me to feast in the rare Birmingham sunshine.

The festival rolled on from Friday-Sunday, featuring a range of famous cooks, sommeliers and chefs in the three main tents: The Tasting, Cake and Bake Theatre; The Wine, Champagne and Craft Beer theatre, and; The Aga Rangemaster Chefs Theatre. Visiting on the Saturday, I was pleasantly surprised to pick up a few new tips for baking and using chocolate in the kitchen, but I was truly more interested in the food being sold!

As a vegetarian and healthy living enthusiast, I managed to lay my hands on a veggie burger, as well as a freshly pressed juice from Ascorbic Juices. I also picked up a carton of coconut water from Vita Coco and some freshly marinated garlic olives (which I’ve only just finished!) to take away with me. However, I did think these options were a little lacking overall, with the main focuses being meat, alcohol and big delicious-looking desserts. Hopefully in the future, the healthy-eating aspect can be expanded – having Katy Beskow teach vegan baking is definitely a great start though!

Overall, I had a great day out at the Foodies Festival, and I know it has great potential to include and promote healthy eating as well as feasting! It’d be nice to see more local producers there next year, and even more discounts for festival-goers.


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