Bob’s Kitchen

If you’re looking for some delicious vegan food in Paris, this is the place to go. Bob’s Kitchen is seen as quite “bobo” – that roughly translates to “posh hipster” I guess, or “bohemian bourgeoisie” in full, but there’s a reason why both the health-obsessed and fashionistas flock to it. Hidden away in the 3rd arrondissement, it’s most famous for its cold-pressed green juice, which is crammed full of superfoods and superfood powders – in fact, Bob’s Kitchen is an extension of Bob’s Juice Bar, the initial outlet for its delicious cold presses, smoothies and protein-packed vegan drinks.

I was first introduced to Bob’s by a friend who worked there and would regularly sneak the day’s leftovers for me and my flatmate to snack on – at that point in time I didn’t realise how healthy everything was, but I knew that I liked the taste! The café offers a range of breakfast goods, veggie stews, bagels, sushi, artisan coffee, cookies and some really great crumble. Pictured is my last meal there – a satay veggie stew (underneath that rocket is a mix of steamed broccoli, cauliflower, butternut squash, rice and more) and a green smoothie, which was technically a cheat version of the cold press – there was far more mango and banana in it than what the colour reveals!

Prices are somewhat high (9,50 euros for a stew, with drinks ranging from 6,00 to 7,50) but it’s definitely worth it even if it’s just once. I’m always surprised by how filling the food is, and it’s also nice that the staff working there are fluent in both French and English. One thing I would recommend – turn up slightly earlier than when you want your food. This place is popular! Queues often track out onto the road and people waiting for their order can be found on the little benches on the shop front.

As an important side note – upon my last visit, I was surprised to find a few items on the menu that weren’t vegan or even veggie (looking at you, smoked salmon bagel). So if you’re not sure before you order, please ask someone! They’re super friendly and I’ve never had trouble with my orders (I actually don’t think I’ve ever eaten anything but vegan food there!).

For opening times, the full address and further contact details, visit their website here.


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