Slowing Things Down

Having just broken up for the Easter holidays, I’ve finally had the time to relax and take a couple of days to reset. What’s really been intriguing is the way that the stress of essay-after-essay writing has been carried around on my shoulders for so long without me noticing! Even with daily yoga playing a big part in keeping my body in a healthy way, the ability to let go of all worries for a few days really does make a huge difference.

So over the last few days I’ve been doing the one thing that I love best – cooking! And lots of it – I’ve tried out a good few recipes from the Deliciously Ella cookbook now, so expect a review in the next couple of days (the above photo is a big bowl of sweet potato brownies mix!). Along with that, I’ve been stocking up on healthy groceries so as to stave off the sugar cravings during revision – another blog on how to cut down on snacking should be along soon too.

One of the best lessons I’ve learnt this weekend is also the practice of “slow food”, where you take your time making breakfast, lunch and dinner so that your body has the time to get ready for a big plate of deliciously healthy food. In the same way that the lemon detox drink I usually have first thing in the morning readies the digestive system for the day, absorbing the sights, sounds and smells in the kitchen makes your body really crave and then enjoy the first bite of food. Of course, having the time for all this is not really possible for every meal of the day, but this weekend has been a special treat when it comes to practicing this.

All in all, what’s really been nice is to have the time to breathe and enjoy looking after myself. On most Sundays I take a long bath and pamper myself, which is something I’m still planning on doing (even though it’s now into the early hours) but of course, nothing has to be at a rushed pace, which is a luxury in itself. Even if we lost an hour today!


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