March Favourites

I’ve finally decided to do a monthly round-up – and what a month March has turned out to be! I’ve really enjoyed posting about my recent green experiences, new recipes and of course, my birthday! Here are my top favourites of the month, and something I’m going to share soon too (from top left to bottom right):

1. Herbalism cleanser by Lush
I’ve been using this cleanser daily now for pretty much all of this year (I’m into pot number two!) and it’s a really invigorating clean that I enjoy every morning. The fresh leafy smell and the way it cleans my face without drying it out too much make it my favourite product this month.

2. Daffodils
I actually picked these up on a whim as they were being sold for £1, and it’s surprising the difference they made to my living space! I love having plants around my flat, and these made my living room feel so bright and happy.

3. Manduka eko mat, block and strap
These three yoga essentials were a gift from my lovely boyfriend, and I really, really appreciate the difference they’ve made to my daily practices. The mat is sooo much better than my previous one, holding me in place even when I’m sweaty and in complicated poses! You can read more about my yoga journey here.

4. My 22nd birthday
I couldn’t round up March without mentioning my birthday – I had such a special day, and want to thank everyone who was a part of it. The time I gave myself to relax, enjoy reading through Deliciously Ella’s cookbook, make some yummy food and then visit Wagamama’s made it a perfect day.

5. Dr Martens Vegan 1460 boots
These boots have been hugging my feet tight (a little too tight at first) since I got them. While they’re a little tom-boyish for my normal style, they’re so practical and comfortable to walk in, especially good for my normal commute by foot. I did a full-length review about them, and wearing them in, here.

6. Coconut cookies
Last but not least are these dreamy little cookies – I’m yet to post the recipe, but I couldn’t stop eating these when I made them! The recipe should be out by the end of the week. I’ve been using Coconpure 100% virgin organic coconut oil in literally everything since I received it from My Protein, so thank you to them for that. The coconut flavour is just gorgeous, and so much stronger than my usual coconut oil too.


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