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Review of Rawr Chocolate | Curiously Conscious

You might not have guessed it, but I am a serious chocoholic. I really can’t help myself when it comes to those deliciously creamy bars of chocolate, but crossing to the path of healthy eating has made this addiction a little hard to sustain! I’ll argue with myself each time I get a chocolate craving, especially because they’re ridiculously high in fat and refined sugar, contain palm oil (which is directly causing deforestation and ruining wildlife habitat) and they barely have any cocoa in them anyway.

So it seemed rather heaven-sent when I found out I had won a set of Rawr raw chocolate bars – one of every flavour! – thanks to a competition held by Claire on her blog, Flake and Cake. Being completely raw, dairy-free, refined using only organic ingredients, the lovely folk at Rawr had made my sinful treats guilt-free!

Review of Rawr’s Raw Chocolate

Review of Rawr Chocolate | Curiously Conscious

It’s only right, therefore, that I present to you my latest discovery on the path to healthy eating. Even the caramel flavour, it being the least chocolatey-tasting yet still delightful, has over 50% cocoa solids, so I’m very much a fan. I do have a few specific favourites out of the six bars that Rawr currently offers. The collection features Purity (milk chocolate), Intensity (dark chocolate), Zest (orange flavour), After Dinner (mint flavour), Passion (goji berries and vanilla flavour) and Gold (caramel flavour). My top three have to be Zest, Gold and Purity, because their flavours are distinctive and classic, while still living up to conventional chocolate’s sweetness.

In regards to the Passion bar, I really liked the idea of using goji berries to add texture, however in practice the berries themselves can be bitter so I wasn’t the biggest fan. After Dinner was also slightly weak on the mint flavour but still tasty. Really what is astonishing, is the fact that the texture of the bars is still melty and satisfying, while the ingredients are much better for you.

The bars retail for £2.45 each on the Rawr website, and are 60g in weight, so they are a little pricier than your average chocolate bar but definitely worth it in terms of nutritional value, and having that raw, organic halo to curb your chocolate-induced guilt afterwards!


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