Puro Organic Hair Salon


I’m sad to report that Puro Hair Birmingham has closed! If anyone knows of another organic hairdresser based in Birmingham, please let us know in the comments.

It’s funny how we fall into routines. Since moving to Birmingham, I’ve been walking past the Puro Organic Hair Salon daily and yet still visiting the first hairdressers I spotted near university. The pretty sign out front and its calming interior were always nice to look at as I walked past on my daily commute, until one day I realised how unobservant I was being – this place holds the same ethos that I do! I need to get my hair done there!

Having now popped in, had my hair washed, cut, blow dried and styled with some delicious-smelling products, I can officially say that I’m a loyal customer. A somewhat silly irrational fear, I’ve always been nervous about getting my hair cut, no matter where or who the stylist is. But even on booking my appointment, the staff were friendly and welcoming, even managing to spell my name right on the first try!

So, what makes Puro an “organic” salon? In my opinion, it’s not just about the products they use. While striving to use only natural hair colouring products, and everything else being paraben-free, etc., it’s also the atmosphere of the place. In the waiting area were the latest Om Yoga magazines, and of the free drinks available to customers, most of them are fair trade and organic. On top of that, the staff really do care about hair health – I was taught how to check my hair’s health by wetting it and checking its elasticity. Plus on the wall are a number of recycling and environmental awards, proving the place goes above and beyond to be earth-kind. They even recycle hair cuttings!

To round up the review, I also need to mention price – Puro is very competitive (matching the price of my previous hairdressers) and for the area that it’s in, it’s probably below average. Their website has a great page about all the hairdressers and stylists working there, so you can check who you’re going to be with in advance too.

Overall, I’m really looking forward to my next cut, and I’m no longer worried about the origins and toxicity of the products put on my hair too!


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