The Vegan Grindhouse

It’s been a month or two since I actually had my chops around the burger above, but the secret I’ve been keeping from you is a great one. The Vegan Grindhouse is a wonderful americana street food van that is constantly touring the Birmingham region with its vegan eats, and now, vegan workshops too!

I first stumbled across the Grindhouse through Twitter, and after following them for a little while, had the fortune of winning their 1000 followers competition! So I popped over to see them when they appeared at the Midlands Arts Centre’s Food Market, and had one of the best burgers of my life. Forget of my vegetarian life, I mean of my whole life. This stuff was delicious.

Lisa and Andy, the couple behind the Grindhouse, are passionate about promoting veganism and good, tasty food, making all of their produce themselves and delivering it with a smile. I was really inspired after speaking with Lisa about their decision to go into the business, a risk I believe has really paid off.

So it’s with a whole lot of respect that I’m recommending their first ever upcoming workshop. On January 24th they are holding an introduction to veganism, with light refreshments and lots of other goodies too. If making the transition from vegetarianism to veganism has been on your mind a lot, this is the perfect opportunity!

And for the rest of you, vegetarian, vegan, or not, if you’re drooling at the opportunity to try some great americana street food in the West Midlands area, check out their tour dates here.


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