The Diary: Exam Stress

The Diary: Exam Stress | Curiously Conscious

Happy Sunday guys! So… I have a total of thirteen minutes to complete this blog before it’s Monday, mainly due to revising until these late hours, but also those nervous butterflies I always get before exams. However, this time round, they really aren’t so bad – it used to feel like every exam, no matter if it’s 30 minutes or 3 hours 45, was the date and time of the day of reckoning. And with that stress came muscle pain, headaches, and hair falling out – crazy!

Nowadays, it’s a whole different story. With these little butterflies, is the knowledge that I’ve done enough study-wise, and that in being more present, and more aware of myself, these tests are not the holy seal of approval of the path that I’m following is the right one! This, combined with much healthier eating – no midnight binges, no chocolate cravings (well, raw chocolate has that covered – soon to be reviewed in its own blog!) and regular meal times has helped me keep a daily structure and healthy body acceptance.

I also have to thank Yoga with Adriene and her 30 Days of Yoga challenge – it’s been around two years since I took up yoga, but it’s been quite a rocky road, changing to full body workouts, gym sessions and then nothing at all. This is the first time I’ve really kept up a daily routine, and while each workout has its challenging poses, it’s always nice to find comfort in the stretches and enjoy that little euphoric smile after completing each practice.

Well – it’s now Monday, but the butterflies have melted away into my tea and I’m hoping you may be able to take away a few steps towards handling stress better in your life too! Wish me luck for tomorrow, and I hope we can keep up these journals every Sunday. Goodnight guys!


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