Nothing But: Fruit + Vegetable Snacks

On the journey to a healthy lifestyle and diet, I’ve already given up fast-food and meat, but snacking is still one of my biggest challenges. So when Nothing But.‘s gifted snack box turned up on my doorstep, I was really intrigued – could these be the replacement I’ve been looking for?

The packs themselves are styled to look like crisps, but the contents is surprisingly versatile! Nothing But. takes fresh fruit and vegetables – beetroot and parsnip, mange tout and red pepper, and grape and pineapple were the flavours I tried – and freezes them, one of the best ways of maintaining nutrients, and then evaporates the water content. This makes for crunchy, flavoursome snacks that I found really handy when on the go, as well as with my packed lunch at University and snacking while writing an essay at home.

So, how do they measure up? My favourite, the sliced beetroot and parsnip version, was a pretty great replacement to crisps, with the same crunch and strong flavour too. The fruity grape and pineapple one also felt almost too good to be healthy too – and yet it was one of my five a day! Seeing as they are 100% natural fruit and vegetables, they’re suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs too.

Nothing But. is also a headline sponsor for Vegetarian Society‘s National Vegetarian Week 2015!

Disclaimer: This post features gifted product (denoted 'gifted')


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