Boston Tea Party Café

Boston Tea Party Cafe, Birmingham

The Boston Tea Party is one of my favourite cafés to eat at in Birmingham, although the short walk from campus may have something to do with that!  

It caters well for vegetarians and vegans, with its Birmingham branch’s menu offering full breakfasts, portobello mushroom burgers (my favourite!) and super salads that make eating out as much parts healthy as it is enjoyable. They also change their menu to suit the seasons and offer a range of smoothies and cheap pots of tea.

Not only this; BTP is in fact a chain of cafés around the UK that uphold the view of adapting to their locality, as well as ethically sourcing its ingredients from around the UK. 80% of their producers hail from Bristol, where the first BTP café opened.

The ideal that “being bigger is not always better” is something that I thought was impossible for businesses larger than independents, but BTP clearly embodies this well and it’s for this reason that I highly recommend you check the place out. The staff are happy and helpful, the atmosphere relaxed and authentic – rare to find in a café so chic! – and the prices reasonable too.


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