Watermelon, cucumber, mint and lemon detox water
This deliciously healthy drink has been my go-to over the course of the summer - it's super easy to make and is so refreshing!

Why it's healthy: firstly, drinking this is going to act as a substitute to other, not so great drinks. Pop, alcohol and even fruit syrups may seem appealing but they're dehydrating, and the refined sugars in them are in no way good for you. If you're drinking only water instead, kudos to you, but you may just want to shake things up a little, and also benefit from the ways the fruit flushes toxins and aids digestion. You'll need these five ingredients (you can also mix and match!):


2 litres water
1/4 small watermelon
1/4 cucumber
1 lemon
1 handful mint leaves
A large glass bowl or jug
  1. Once you've got your ingredients together, roughly slice the watermelon, cucumber and lemon into the bowl and rip mint leaves into it too
  2. Fill the rest of the bowl with cold water, and mix about the floating ingredients
  3. Leave in the fridge to chill and draw the flavours out - overnight is best, but it can be ready in as little as 2-3 hours
As a handy tip, once you've drunk the water from the bowl, you can refill it and do the same once more. It's best to only do this twice, and then eat what's left before it goes bad!

This natural homemade body scrub will leave your skin feeling soft and your pocket full of change!

After learning that micro-beads in many commercial scrubs are in fact plastic, and sadly harming the environment, I'd been looking around for a natural deep-exfoliating body scrub and this coffee scrub ticks all the right boxes. Here's how you make it, with simple kitchen cupboard ingredients...


1 cup ground coffee
1/3 cup coarse brown sugar
2 tbsp oil of your choice
A jar for storage
  1. Put the coffee and brown sugar the jar you'll be keeping the mixture in, close the lid and shake well.
  2. Add a tablespoon of an oil of your choice (I had sandalwood laying around, but you can equally use coconut, nut or olive oil) and shake well again.
  3. Add remaining oil and mix around with a spoon before shaking once more.
When using the scrub in the shower, I've found it useful to wash off the granules afterwards and then soap up to remove any remaining oil left on your skin, to keep it soft, clear and smelling wonderful.